Price: 98 nis per person



Garden salad + lemon dressing
Chopped salad Mapu style
Beef prosciutto in nut oil, Turkish delight + chili
Fennel Soup
Slow-roast goose breast in wine + blueberries
Crispy chicken wings + Summery gazpacho
Risotto of Arborio + porcini mushrooms
 Sunday- Thursday from 12:00-16:00


Main Dishes

Sea bass stuffed with red rice, oven-baked in olive oil + herbs
Goose tortellini + cashew cream and capers
Festival of Wine Leaves + grey mullet
Prime kebab
Fillet of drum fish + bouillbaise and grilled fennel salad
Allio zucchini spaghettini + pine nuts
Beef spätzle + Turkish spinach (extra 25 NIS)
(Prime Steak (extra 25 NIS

Business Lunch Wine:

(Glass of Merlot Royal (red
25 ₪
(Glass of Chenin Blanc (white
25 ₪

Business Lunch

Tuborg draft 1/3 Liter
15 ₪